Welcome to the land of the Misfit Genius.

Oh, I’m not talking about me, as in “I’m a genius”, or “I’m a misfit”.

Please. I’m very clear that to tout oneself as such is folly at best, ridiculous at worst.

No, I’m talking about something else entirely. I’m talking about a QUALITY of being that you and I both possess.

In spades.

I’m talking about the Misfit Genius as that entity within you and I that doesn’t fit in with “normal”, “average”, or “expected” ways of being – yet holds MASSIVE genius in its core.

I’m talking about the creative spirit, the joyful playful experimental energy, the ALIVENESS, that dwells within each of us – and oftentimes gets squashed, neglected, and downright damaged.

You’re here because you’re attracted to that quality in whatever it was that brought you here.

And you’re attracted to that quality because you possess it in equal measure.

What you will find here is nothing more than a reflection of your own Misfit Genius – and an explicit invitation to EMBRACE, EXPLORE, and downright FLAUNT your flavor!

Me? I’m just a man navigating all of the pitfalls that come up in the course of my own exploration. I sing with it, I speak through it, and I make things that help others do the same.

So come along for the ride, and let what you find here inspire you, inform you, and move you into action on behalf of the Misfit Genius that possesses you when you get out of the way.

Let us join forces in combatting the forces of neutral conformity, undefined lunacy, and all manner of dull madness that constantly threatens to take us out of our natural miraculousness!

Currently, for the period from August 12, 2016 to October 27th, you can join me for a weekly dose of no-holds-barred Creative Inspiration for the Misfit Genius:

Turn On With Shawn  is a wild and woolly podcast experiment in demonstrating the Misfit Genius in action through inspired and improvised affirmational music and motivational spoken word.

Let my surrender to the whims of the Misfit Genius move you into your own sublime creativity!

A new episode is posted each Friday morning at 6am California time.

Are you ready to embrace your Misfit Genius? Follow me.