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You’re here because you want an intimate experience with music.

Listening to recordings feels great; going to concerts and live shows is also fun.

But what happens when you get up close and personal with the music and the music-maker?

I’ve been aiming at this sweet spot for the better part of two decades now, and am zeroing in on its bullseye.

This site is dedicated to the singular purpose of offering a pathway to those who seek a direct experience with song.

In my experience, songs – and the process of creating them – have the power to transform life itself, from the inside out.

Listening to them can be transformative to a certain degree as well – but the alchemy of direct creation is where the potency lives.


Setting out to write a song, based on your story, presents an opportunity to craft it with vision and impregnate it with intended outcomes.

Singing itself has the power to open your heart, elevate your mood, connect you with others, and contribute to your overall well-being…

How much more so when the song you’re singing is yours; when its design and purpose suit perfectly your desired direction in life?


Here we – and I include myself in the equation, being forever a student – are learning the alchemical secrets of melody and rhyme.

Nothing about this endeavor, beyond profiles on Spotify and all the rest, suggests this is music for the masses or for the market.

This is music for you and I to explore the questions that life gives us and paint vivid scenes of victorious answers in song.

The music that comes from the offerings here is for healing, nourishment, and aliveness – yours, mine, and ours.


Why not give yourself the gift of an adventure into the heart of the creative process itself and create your own magic spell?

If that sounds cryptic, it’s because the terrain we’ll cover is mysterious indeed; it’s not a point-A to point-B journey – rather an odyssey.