Do You Want REAL Transformation?

Let’s Get You Some.

You’ve done seminars. You’ve done retreats. You’ve invested thousands of dollars into coaching of various kinds.

All have served their purpose, and have brought you to a place where you are now living a powerfully integrated life aligned with your highest values.

You’ve practiced enough to be “woke AF”, and you’re successful in your chosen field; you feel great about yourself, you care for your body, you are socially connected, and you are ready for the next leveling-up of ALL of it: your work in the world, your relationships, your physical and emotional well-being, and the degree of ALIVENESS that you experience.

Whenever I look to level up, I look for what’s missing that, if I put it into the mix, will affect all of the other areas in which I want to experience greater potency.

For example, earlier this year I made a commitment to a fitness program – workouts, meal plan, class-based gym membership, the whole enchilada – because I knew that if I cultivated physical fitness, I would have more energy to put into everything else I’m up to.

It worked!  This page is a perfect example of the sort of adventure that became available after six weeks of rigorous discipline geared toward making my body and mind stronger, leaner, and more energetic; I’m writing it after the kids and my wife are in bed, and I had no energy for this sort of nonsense six weeks ago.

So what’s missing for YOU that, if you put it into the mix, would infuse energy and movement into all of the other areas of your life, effectively catalyzing your next-level transformation?

If you already clearly know, and the answer is absolutely NOT a deep-dive into pure creativity, you don’t need to read any further.

But if you hear the phrase “deep-dive into pure creativity” and your breath deepens as your pulse races a little bit…

Hang on to your hat, because this could very well be an exhilarating invitation to an adventure that will alter your life.

Here’s a question for you:

In all of your working and doing and striving and connecting and taking care of yourself, how often do you sing?

If you sing a lot, you are so fortunate! Singing qualifies as one of the most primal human activities, and many do not sing.

If you are someone who never sings, hates to sing, or is afraid of singing, I hate to say it – you have the most to gain from singing!

Either way, this invitation really isn’t about singing – although to achieve maximum results from our working together, you’ll want to sing.

A LOT. Like every day, ideally, multiple times per day, with other people. But don’t worry, this is absolutely 100% not a requirement.

No, the only thing required of you is the willingness to open up that part of you which knows that you are here for great things.

With that in place, we can explore the landscape of your being to find the story that offers you full access to your power.

The story becomes the driving narrative and lyrical jewel in a song crafted in collaboration.

The purpose of the song is to provide an anchor for your mind and body in the reality you are creating.

The energy of the song is perfectly crafted to the tone and intensity of your desire.

Your singing of the song – especially with others – amplifies the vibration of the affirmation.

It’s a perfect recipe for transformation, and it’s my superpower; my gift to offer to those who seek it.

It is tremendously gratifying for me as a creator, and the results that my collaborators have produced amplify that.

Here’s how it works:

We start with a SongSeed session, which is a 45-minute exploration of one or more topics that are important to you, blending your words with music, playing with the clay, enjoying the heck out of one another and the magical energy of music.

During that session, we’ll determine whether or not our collaboration is a good fit; if not, all good – you’ll receive a link to a recording of the session that you can listen to as often as you like.

And if we do hit it off and find a groove, I’ll invite you to Adventure with me into the realm of Transformational Songwriting.

SongSeed Sessions are available now through December 31st, after which the 2019 SongJourneys will begin.

There are five SongJourneys available for the first quarter of 2019; the Journey lasts 90 days.

We meet 10 times – every 9 days – on Zoom for a jam/writing/coaching session.

As the song develops, you will be integrating it into your daily soundtrack.

As the song integrates, you will find yourself moving toward your goals.

We will celebrate your wins and continue to stoke your aliveness.

You’ll have the opportunity to be connected to other SongJourneyers.

In my personal fantasy, eventually we all go on the road and sing them together for people.

But that’s not the point at the moment. The point goes all the way back to the very beginning of this page:


Do You Want REAL Transformation?


Let’s Get You Some.


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