Music was never intended to be

something that we passively listen to.


Music is a universal language that everyone on the planet – you, me, and… yes, everyone – on some level understands.


But most people do not have a consistent, vibrant, intimateĀ relationship to music as a vital element in our daily experience of life.


For the most part, music is something that “musicians” do, while the rest of us passively enjoy – or dislike – the recorded musical sounds that we consume.


This is tragic, for humans from the beginning of time have played, sang, and danced together, singing the songs and telling the stories of our people, places, and gods.


Without this primal, ancient relationship, our lives have become pale representations of what human aliveness can be.


SongJourneys exist for the purpose of reviving the music that lives, breathes, dances and sings inĀ your being.


We do this through the dynamic process of writing songs.


But not just any songs.


We collaborate on songs that speak to the truth of who you are.


Songs that tell stories of your life, your love, your desire, your ambition.


Songs that cast your challenges in the light of your ultimate victory over them.


Songs that call forth the imminent greatness that yearns to burst forth from within you.


The journey we embark upon as we set out to create a song together is a journey of self-realization.


It is a journey of identifying, claiming, yearning for, and acting to fulfill the most important desires that drive you.


It is a journey of harnessing your joy, making a practice of celebration, and activating the essence of you that wants to SING.


The journey begins with a seed. A SongSeed, to be exact – a musical idea that holds the potential of a mighty ballad or epic anthem.


Of course, SongSeeds also sprout and grow to be wistful lullabies, driving rockers, funky dancehall jigs, or a host of other forms.


But it all starts with the SongSeed Session – a 30-minute jam session during which we mine the rich fabric of your life and form a seed.


The SongSeed Session all by itself is a musical shot of adrenaline; a lyrical, melodical nutritional supplement for your soul.


It’s a high intensity interval workout for your heart-open muscle – without the sweat and bruises and achy hamstrings.


And when it’s over, you have the precious beginnings of an opportunity to grow your life through the power of song.


What you do with it beyond our time together is up to you; you can chalk it up to an interesting experience . . .


Or you can choose to embark upon a journey wherein we plant, nourish, water, and grow your seed.


Either way, your SongSeed is yours to sing forever, as is the refreshment of our time together.


The SongSeed Session is my gift to those who seek it; an offering given freely and humbly.


The gratitude I experience in the privilege of doing this work serves as my compensation.


To say nothing of the satisfaction I experience when I hear you sing your songs.

Book Your SongSeed Session Now

After your SongSeed Session, adventure calls:

SongSeed Package – $200

During one 90-minute call, we’ll dive deep into your subject matter and create a song that moves and inspires you, that you can sing as you go about your business. We’ll record a clean guitar/vocal version at the end of the call, and you will receive that recording and the video of the session immediately after the call.

SongCraft Package – $500

Over the course of three calls (one 90-minute and two 30-minute songwriting sessions), we will craft a song that covers all aspects of your subject and gives you a compelling, singable hook that makes it memorable and “sticky” in your mind – so you can have it at the ready always. You will receive recordings after each call to listen to and provide feedback, so you are intimately involved in the songwriting process every step of the way. The final version is a professionally-produced guitar-and-vocal recording of the song in its complete form – radio-ready and perfect for your listening library!

SongJourney Package – $1000

We don’t stop at guitar and vocals on this adventure – we go all the way with a full arrangement, however you want it to be: bass, drums, and keyboards? You got it. Strings? Horn parts? Check. Vocal harmonies? Absolutely. Soup to nuts, this adventure gets the World-Class Producer treatment. Six calls – one 90-minute and five 30-minute sessions – and 8 versions later, you will have a track worthy of a dancefloor, altar, party sound system, or your own personal playlist.