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In our modern age, music has become a commodity;
something that humans listen to passively,
like wallpaper for the ears.

But this is not how it has always been.

The advent of recording technology separated humans from music-making as a communal ritual and created a gap between “musicians” and everyone else.

In cultures existing now on Earth that have been relatively untouched by the modern paradigm, music still lives and breathes as a part of a people’s story.

With music, they dance and sing and beat the rhythms of their ancestors and descendants into the present moment and make sense of their world.

Music is a universal language that everyone on the planet – you, me, and… yes, everyone – on some level understands.

But most people do not have a consistent, vibrant, intimate relationship to music as a vital element in our daily experience of life.

For the most part, music is something that “musicians” do, while the rest of us passively “like” or “dislike” the recorded musical sounds that we consume.

This is tragic, for humans from the beginning of time have played, sang, and danced together, singing the songs and telling the stories of our people, places, heroes, villains, demons and gods.

Music has always been a vehicle for storytelling that gives our lives meaning and context within the greater paradigm of human existence.

Without this primal, ancient relationship, our lives have become pale representations of what human aliveness can be.

SongJourneys exist for the purpose of reviving the music that lives, breathes, dances and sings in your being.

We do this through the dynamic process of writing songs.

But not just any songs.

We collaborate on songs that speak to the truth of who you are.

Songs that tell stories of your life, your love, your desire, your ambition.

Songs that cast your challenges in the light of your ultimate victory over them.

Songs that call forth the imminent greatness that yearns to burst forth from within you.

The journey we embark upon as we set out to create a song together is a journey of self-realization.

It is a journey of identifying, claiming, yearning for and acting to fulfill the most important desires that drive you.

It is a journey of harnessing joy, making a practice of celebration, and activating the essence of you that needs to SING.

The journey begins with a seed. A SongSeed: a musical idea that holds the potential of a mighty ballad or epic anthem.

Your SongSeed could as easily sprout and grow to be wistful lullabies, driving rockers, funky dancehall jigs, or a host of other forms.

But it all starts with the SongSeed Session – a  90-minute exploratory jam session in which we mine the rich fabric of your life for  the seed of Your Song.

The SongSeed Session itself is a musical shot of soul-squeezed espresso; it is a lyrical, melodic nutritional supplement for your soul.

It’s a high intensity interval workout for your heart-open muscle – without the sweat and bruises and achy hamstrings.

When it’s over, you have the precious beginnings of an opportunity to grow your life through the power of song.

You’ll have the memory of the experience, a recording of the session, and a recording of the SongSeed itself.

On your own, you can integrate your SongSeed into your everyday life, singing its medicine into each day.

Together, we can nurture and grow and prune and shape your SongSeed into the Song that Sings You Alive.

Either way, it is an honor to do this work with those who are called to Sing themselves into Being. Thank you!

Here are some of the SongSeeds that have been planted so far:

Choose Your Package:

SongSeed Package – $300

The SongSeed Session is a dynamic deep-dive into your psyche for the purpose of mining it for lyrical themes, images, and narratives that give your life meaning and purpose.

Over the course of 90 minutes, we will create a song that moves and inspires you, that energizes your mood and spurs you into action on behalf of that which is most important to you.

At the end of the Session we’ll record a clean, high-quality guitar/vocal version of your SongSeed, and you will receive that recording and the video of the session.

SongJourney Package – $1200

This Journey will take you deep into the creative process, during which you will clarify for yourself the images and narratives uncovered in your SongSeed Session, and together we will craft Your Song so that it perfectly suits your particular journey, and so that it is maximally memorable and singable.

You will receive recordings after each call to listen to and provide feedback, so you are intimately involved in the songwriting process every step of the way.

The final version is a professionally-produced guitar-and-vocal recording of the song in its complete form, perfect for your listening library!